How to Learn New Languages QUICKLY

With all the job postings out there, there’s always a wide variety of technology stacks that companies use and ask for.

I believe it’s almost foolish to not apply to a job because you don’t know a certain language.

Because programming is just problem solving with a computer, if you can understand the problem at hand, the other part of the equation is solving it with a given language.

The most time-consuming part is understanding how to get the solution and not how to write it out. So in my opinion, learning the basic syntax for a new language should not take that long. Of course, knowing the ins and outs will take a bit longer, but for an upcoming interview, it shouldn’t be an impossible task to become proficient enough to perform well.

My tips to learn a language quickly is:

  • Conditionals
    • In my opinion, conditionals are core in any program, so it naturally makes sense to learn how to write conditionals.
  • Loops
    • From all the programs I’ve seen and written, loops are inevitable to continue a given process until given further notice.
  • Data Types
    • Different languages store data differently and knowing whether a language is type-safe or not matters. Ex. in Javascript we store everything in a var, but in Java, we have to be explicit in the type of data we store in.
  • Objects
    • With the abundance amount of jobs asking for OO-programming, and OO languages, I believe knowing how to create objects, instantiating instances of those objects, and understanding inheritance are vital in learning a new language quickly.
  • Scope
    • Naturally, we store variables within functions which make them local variables to that function. To access those variables, we will need to understand scoping of a given language. Failure to do so will either lead to:
      • Using everything as global variables
      • Large amounts of frustrating

So there are my thoughts on the quickest way to learn a programming language in the shortest amount of time. In my opinion, if you already have some experience with non-compiled and compiled languages, many languages should not that too long to learn the basics of.

Happy learning!


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